Joon 준

Joon 준

Product Designer in Seoul

Hi, I’m Joon. I’m a product designer, competitive debater, and lowly college student currently leading Haksaeng Labs, a small team from Korea building the OS for students.

Currently, I am stuck in the hellish limbo that is military conscription, serving as a sergeant at the 89th Artillery Battalion of the Republic of Korea Army. Please save me. Before this, I was a product growth manager at LOVO AI.

You can probably find me arguing with members of my college debate society, filming something, or annoying friends with the latest dad joke I found.



A space of my own to house my projects, stories, hobbies, jokes, and wandering thoughts.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Founder at Haksaeng Labs

We're building Dongari (virtual club fair), Sunbae (campus advice platform), Certee (certificate management app), and other nifty tools for students.

2022 — 2024
Lead Administrative Clerk at 89th Artillery Battalion
Republic of Korea Army

Led a team of six clerks who are responsible for unit logistics, armory and supply management, human resources, and finances, supporting over 50 combat personnel.

2021 — 2021
Seoul, South Korea

Worked closely with the founding team to help scale their expanding suite of enterprise voiceover software used by companies like Kakao, LG, Shinhan Bank, Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, and others.

2019 — 2020
Seoul, South Korea

I had the honor of leading South Korea's oldest and largest competitive debating society, with over 50 active members and 500 alumni. Some of the initiatives I organized included convening Korea's first ever online debate tournament (100+ participants), collaborating with McKinsey & Co. on a virtual career fair, and securing over $4K in grants from the Institute of Higher Education. Also oversaw the first ever YUU vs YUU Finals at the National Rookie Tournament (#prouddadmoment).

2020 — 2020
Seoul, South Korea

I worked on registration and communications for the 41st World Universities Debating Championship hosted by Debate Korea.

2019 — 2020
Seoul, South Korea

I led a delegation to MWC (Mobile World Congress) and represented the company at the global venture investment showcase organized by KOTRA (Korea Trade Promotion Corporation).


Dev Log

The life and tales of a lonely Korean soldier determined to transcend his melancholy by recording the progress he fails to make on his many projects.



Personal portfolio site selected as nominee for Framer's Site of the Year 2023 Awards.


Cash grant awarded by Danielle Strachman, general partner of the 1517 Fund and co-founder of the Thiel Fellowship (early backer of Figma, Ethereum, Loom, and more). First Korean to receive grant.

Grand Finalist at Northeast Asia Debate Championship

Represented Yonsei Underwood Union. British Parliamentary Format. NEADC is one of the largest debate tournaments in Asia.

Special Warrior from Republic of Korea Army

Battalion's highest honor. To be named a special warrior, a soldier must complete 86 sit-ups in two minutes, 72 pushups in two minutes, run 3 kilometers in twelve minutes and thirty seconds, hit at least 18 out of 20 targets in the shooting range, and pass the combat emergency first aid and chemical warfare assessments.

Grand Finalist at Korea Debate Nationals

Represented Yonsei Underwood Union at the 2023 Nationals. Asian Parliamentary Format.

2nd Best Speaker and Semifinalist at Korea Debate Nationals

Represented Yonsei Underwood Union at the 2022 Nationals. Asian Parliamentary Format.

1st Place from UC Berkeley x LOVO AI Case Competition

Global Business Case Competition organized by UC Berkeley, sponsored by LOVO, an AI Voiceover & TTS Platform backed by SkyDeck, Kakao, LG, and AWS. Offered full-time internship at LOVO AI.

8th Place at SUS Pitch Competition from Y Combinator

Selected to participate in Y Combinator's first SUS Virtual Pitch Competition. Pitched my project "Dongari" in front of YC staff and various members of the Startup School community. Ranking was determined through aggregate feedback score. Top ranked founder granted live office hour with YC Partner Jared Friedman (CTO, Scribd).


2019 — Now